The Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility (WESRF) is one of the highest power university labs in the nation. The lab is named in honor of the late Prof. Alan K. Wallace, who secured funding to establish the lab in 1993 as the Motor Systems Resource Facility, with the help of funding partners Bonneville Power Administration, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Electric Power Research Institute. In 2007, to signify a strong commitment to renewable energy, the lab was renamed the Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility (WESRF). The WESRF lab is administered by the Energy Systems group. The lab is available for academic research and industrial testing services. Contact Ted Brekken for details.

WESRF is supporting OSU IEEE PES/PELS (Power Energy Society / Power Electronics Society) Joint Chapter.

Wave Energy Testing

Oregon State University, a member of the Pacific Marine Energy Center, is one of the nation’s leaders in ocean wave energy research. Peek into the world-class facilities that enable early stage development of this technology.

The WESRF Faculty and Facility

Lab resources:
* Dedicated bi-directional 750 kVA connection to the utility at 480 V three-phase
* Phasor measurement units streaming to a phasor data concentrator (PDC), backup power, and GPS redundancy
* 300 horsepower dynomometer, as well as 25 kW and smaller motor test beds
* 20 kW Linear Test Bed
* Two dSPACE DS1103 systems for rapid control development and data acquisition
* Full suite of power analyzers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, and digital meters
* High-power water rheostat
* 30 kW, 0.75 kWh super capacitor bank
* Residential hot water heater testbed with two residential hot water heaters with automated outlet valves to emulate resident hot water usage
* Roof-mounted 4 kW PV array
* Several commercial PV inverters with a high-power DC supply for panel emulation
* 120 kVA fully programmable supply (i.e., Arbitrary Waveform Generator)